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XDS Series High Vertical Resolution Oscilloscope (Part 3)
- 4/24/2020 -

Digital protocols and verification debugging

The fundamentals of oscilloscope are still taking the signal integrity measurement as a priority. Choosing the right bandwidth and matching the appropriate probe is a key. Whether the ground is clean, whether there is parasitic capacitance, the resonance frequency caused by the inductive effect, the crosstalk or not, and the interference of noise are all important aspects of the ground that must be considered when measuring. In recent years, the development of oscilloscopes has been advancing with the rapid development of embedded systems in various fields, such as chip design, communications, computers, mobile phones, and automotive electronics. OWON oscilloscopes provide decoding options, five basic decoding I2C / RS232 / SPI / CAN / LIN, etc. to meet the design verification and multi-channel needs of customers at low-speed control signals.

I2C Decode Oscilloscope

I2C decoding

The application of oscilloscope in the field of modern communication, using dual-channel XY mode to observe phase changes has been forgotten by engineers now. Observing phase difference in oscilloscope XY mode is strange to most engineers. OWON provides XY mode. The IQ data input setting interface is added to the design basis so that engineers engaged in communication at the fundamental frequency can easily use the oscilloscope to observe the constellation diagram. On the other hand, OWON has invested heavily in the development of new arbitrary wave signal generators. This kind of common and special communication and modulation signal waveform greatly reduces the company's investment cost in product verification.

BPSK Constellation Diagram Oscilloscope

BPSK constellation diagram (using OWON XDG as the signal source)

Frequency response analysis

Frequency response analysis is designed to quickly measure the frequency characteristics of the DUT at a certain frequency point and quickly solve the circuit component test. Configure the signal generator on the basis of the oscilloscope to complete the function of frequency response analysis. It is quite easy to use the oscilloscope to perform gain/phase measurement. Using OWON_XDS high precision oscilloscope has become a new paradigm.

FRA Oscilloscope

Frequency Response Analysis Oscilloscope

FRA frequency term should analyze unique order RC circuits


The author hopes to convey to readers and oscilloscope users a new understanding of the oscilloscope through the new oscilloscope, and further strengthen the innovative measurement technology and innovation brought by the new generation oscilloscope without losing the basic measurement theory of the past. The development of oscilloscopes has entered a whole new field. New features and versatile functions can help engineers save time, quickly evaluate critical measurements, more intuitive analysis, simple operations, and rich equipment. Lets you easily walk through verification and debugging in the digital and RF fields. Did you choose the right oscilloscope?

DMM Battery Oscilloscope 


WiFi Oscilloscope

Battery / DMM / Signal Generator / WiFi_APP