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XDS Series High Vertical Resolution Oscilloscope (Part 1)
- 4/10/2020 -

As we all know, oscilloscope plays an important role in the electronic measurement field. The electronic design was born from measurement, for all electronic products, in the process of R&D, industrial design and production, the oscilloscope facilitates engineers (users) to verify the product trial-and-error, to enter the product into mass production, and assure its quality to the largest degree. The oscilloscope to engineers, just like the gun to a soldier, its accuracy means a lot.

The oscilloscope cultivates billion US Dollars' market demand, which motivates global manufactures to fight for respective market share, fiercely.    

For a long time, analog oscilloscope transfers electronic signals into the vivid waveforms, its fast responsiveness impresses engineers deeply. Along with the evolution of the electronic products, an analog oscilloscope exposes its weakness, incl. unstable trigger and not support waveform recording, the history opportunity brings digital storage oscilloscope.

The digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) comes with multi-functions: sufficient trigger option, auto measurement, storage interface for PC communication, and creative PC base structure, however, its capacity to restore waveform promptly lags, which eats time for engineers to verify the product trial-and-error.

To global DSO manufacturers, bandwidth, real-time sampling rate, and record length means basic technical specifications, the technology breakthrough remains very narrow, vertical resolution is one of them. The DSO manufacturers invest much money to improve the vertical resolution, expecting the ideal measurement result through improving waveform analysis (resolution), after all, high vertical resolution equals measurement accuracy to some extent.

Lilliput (OWON) pays close attention to this when stepping into time-domain product design. We introduce OWON XDS series high vertical resolution DSO to dig into this topic, then you’ll know whether you already found, or plan to choose right DSO accordingly.

One quality DSO better combines with features as follows -

■ fine frequency response: defined under -3db, necessary bandwidth is another factor, generally, the industry benchmark reads 3 to 5 times frequency.

■ real-time sampling: 4 to 10 times sampling frequency to record the complete signal.

■ memory depth: long-time effective signal capturing and no distortion, supporting replaying of full-recorded waveform. 

■ waveform refreshing rate: tens or hundreds of thousands of times per second, to locate the abnormal signal accurately and promptly.

■ low noise and jitter: get digital trigger system to realize device low noise and proper trigger, integrate with digital filtering function.

■ high vertical resolution: to reduce the difference of measurement result when the vertical scale of measured waveform changes. 

■ auto measurement and statistics.

■ FFT and communication signal analysis tool.

■ high resolution mode: to measure chain waveform and small signal.

■ friendly user interface.

■ n-in-1 working station: built-in multimeter, signal generator, data-logger, frequency counter, etc.


High Resolution

High resolution, long data-recording and fast waveform refreshing rate acts as the innovation of new generation DSO, which avoid mosaic effect when displaying small signal in the measurement process.

High Resolution Oscilloscope

Zoom Oscilloscope

12/14 bits ADC Zoom Function

XDS series introduce 12 / 14 bits hardware ADC, the precision is 16/64 times against other oscilloscope on market, it can observe the signal low down to 31.25μV/div.

8 bit Oscilloscope 14 bit Oscilloscope
Mosaic effect under 8-bit tradition DSO Ideal effect under 14-bit new generation OWON DSO

Trigger, the key part for DSO function. It makes capturing certain signal event for further analysis possible, and provides stable repeated waveform. Since the invention of DSO in 1940s, its trigger been through continual innovation, for OWON digital real-time storage oscilloscope, the trigger is more than one technology innovation. Upon with ±1ppm time-base accuracy and effective stable alternative trigger under waveform measurement from different frequencies, OWON DSO turns more and more convenient for engineers to observe measurement results.

Low Frequency High Frequency
Continual measurement is possible under different frequencies

As a fact, the vertical resolution of DSO reaches 8 bits, but the actual effective working bit is about 3 - 4, so towards the traditional DSO, the users always been taught to adjust the waveform to the LCD size, or 3/4 of LCD size, as this circumstance works the vertical resolution to the largest degree. Whereas when 2 channels or 4 channels work simultaneously, the users need to zoom out the waveform to observe/measure signals, under this circumstance, the measurement deviation/error will appear. 12-bit, and 14-bit vertical resolution is available from OWON DSO, its technology innovation and reliable performance erases the measurement deviation/error caused by vertical scale change.

(To be continued.)