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Turkey Announces Addition Of 267 Million U.S. Tariffs On U.S. Products
- 6/25/2018 10:00:00 AM -

The Turkish Ministry of Economic Affairs announced on the 21st that as a countermeasure against the steel and aluminum tariffs of the United States, Turkey has imposed a tariff of 267 million U.S. dollars on imports from the United States since that day.

The Turkish Ministry of Economic Affairs issued a statement on the same day that the total tariff imposed on U.S. goods by the United States is equal to the total U.S. tariffs imposed on Turkey.

According to the retaliatory tariff list submitted by Turkey to the WTO, a total of 22 kinds of U.S. goods are added to the tariff, including coal, paper, walnuts, almonds, tobacco, rice, whiskey, automobiles, cosmetics, machinery and petrochemical products.

The United States previously announced that it imposed tariffs of 25% and 10% respectively on steel and aluminum products in countries including Turkey. The Turkish government stated that this decision was "unacceptable."