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  •     Download XDS3102AUP1.0  
    Important note !
    The firmware ONLY works for OWON XDS3102A with series no. goes in XDS3102A1539xxx, XDS3102A1546xxx, and XDS3102A1612xxx, NOT work for any other ones.
  •     Download XDS3102UP1.0  

    Important note !

    The firmware only works for OWON XDS3102 with series no. goes in XDS31021539xxx, XDS31021546xxx, and XDS31021612xxx, NOT work for any other ones.

  •     Download SDS8202UP3.3  

     Only applied for batch and serial no.-
    SDS82021211xxx, SDS82021219xxx, SDS82021223xxx, SDS82021238xxx
    Upgrade detail :
    1. Fix waveform math function

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